Friday, August 8, 2008

Amusing news: August 8 2008

One of my favourite quotations in the news this past week (or however long I've been saving it up; I've been so busy working on my upcoming website, traveling to Qu├ębec City, and dates, I've not had a chance to update for a while) came from a article titled "Women on antidepressants benefit from Viagara". This could be good news, except that there is a small problem with marketing:
"I'm going to get myself in big trouble for saying this, (but) I'm not sure women are willing to pay eight bucks a pop to have sex," says Croft, medical director of the San Antonio Psychiatric Research Centre. "Guys are."

Another great news article came from National Geographic. It seems humans aren't the only race dealing with baby mamas and teen sex, although at least Tasmanian Devils have a good excuse - it seems a widespread cancerous facial tumor is reducing their life expectancy, necessitating popping out baby devils earlier.

But my (dubious) favourite was the recent story about the crazy Phelps family from Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas going to protest Tim Mclean's funeral. For those of you that haven't been following along, Tim Mclean was killed in a graphic, gory bus murder that reads more like a midlist horror film than a news story. Because I am a total voyeur for sensationalist news, I did a bit of back-reading on WBC and the Phelps family, and I am not really sure whether or not they're serious. (Check out to see what I mean.) If they are, I am forced to conclude that they've spent so much time being right-wing nut jobs and telling the world how much God hates it that they haven't had time to get through the last of the minor prophets and into the New Testament parts of their Bibles. Man, are they going to be embarrassed when they find out that God gave up on the whole "wrathful" thing and decided to go "loving"! I watched several YouTube interviews, and not once did anyone mention the word "Jesus". In fact, Shirley Phelps-Roper actually told Tyra Banks that the way to get to heaven was, essentially, being a good person (ie not being a "fag" or a "fag enabler"). Clear proof that she got stuck in Leviticus and didn't make it to the new testament.

In closing, a jab at both WBC and Fox news: this was my favourite Phelps-Roper interview. Once again, Fox presents us with fine investigative journalism. Tough it out through the nauseating patriotism to the interview with Shirley PR, and you'll see what I mean.

(I am not certain of the exact date of airing, although the date it was added to YouTube was June 14, 2006).

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