Monday, September 29, 2008

Election time: Sexy candidates

At long last, the Sexy Candidates 2008 list is here!

Of course, the Sexy Candidates 2008 list is a spin-off of the Sexy Politicians Hotlist, so you should all know what to expect, with a few minor discrepancies. Unless you've never seen the Sexy Politicians Hotlist, of course. So in the interest of shameless self-promotion, I've interviewed myself to compile a helpful Q&A.

What is the Sexy Candidates 2008 list?
Exactly what it sounds like. Most people already vote for someone based on very faint or terrible reasons, so why not choose a candidate based on how attractive he or she is? More seriously, it's a more light-hearted side to the heaviness, drama, and scandal which accompany any election, especially the general ones. Yes it's kind of dumb and shallow, but it's satire so it's okay.

How are candidates evaluated?
On the Sexy Politicians Hotlist, candidates were often chosen for a combination of good looks, interesting résumés, and half-naked photos that had appeared in the news. But the Sexy Candidates 2008 list is much shallower, and it doesn't care about inner beauty. Candidates were chosen strictly for their physical attractiveness. But in order to not look like a total pig, the list attempted to learn a thing or two about each candidate.

I expect you have some nice, politically correct things to say about each candidate.
Um, suffice it to say that if I ever run for office, I will have to destroy all evidence that this list was ever created.

Why do you use the first-person plural instead of singular?
It makes my unapologetically idiosyncratic choice of candidates seem more legitimate. And it makes it sound like La Soubrette is important enough to have multiple staffers.

Despite the fact that I have read through most of this unilingual post already, I am not terribly fluent in English. Is the list presented in both official languages?
I'm glad you asked. As a matter of fact it is! And it didn't even receive government funding.

Now go check it out.

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